Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait for a taxi?
Within the region of The Hague we try to get a taxi to pick you up within 10 minutes. Of course it can occur on busy days and peak times that it takes a bit longer.


I have reserved my taxi, is he always punctual at the time requested?
When booking your taxi, always take into account the risk of delay. Because of the continuously increasing traffic congestion, the risk of delay is very high. We advise you to hold a margin of 15 minutes, so that you do not miss your train, flight or (doctors) appointment if your taxi is unexpectedly 15 minutes later than the requested time.


Are pets allowed in the taxi?
In almost all taxis pets are allowed, however you must mention what kind of pet you are travelling with when making your reservation.


Can I pay in the taxi with credit card or pin?
In almost all our taxis you can pay with both credit card and PIN. Since not every taxi is equipped with the necessary equipment, you must indicate this when making your reservation.


I think I have left behind or lost something in the taxi, what should I do?
If you have lost or forgotten something and you are not sure whether you lost or left it in the taxi, please call our call center +31 (0)70 346 26 26 as soon as possible. We can only track your taxi and belongings if you have booked the taxi at our company.


How many passengers are allowed in a taxi?
Most taxis are equipped for transport up to 4 passengers (taxi driver excluded). We also have very comfortable, luxury and spacious passenger vans for the transport of groups from 5 to 8 passengers.
Please note! Children do also count as a full passenger.


If your question is not there you can always contact our call centre. Our call center is 24/7 accessible at +31 (0)70 346 26 26.

You can also send your questions by e-mail: bestellingen@hofstadtax.nl. During office hours you will receive an answer within an hour.